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Wing foils for sale in Lanzarote and Canary Islands

Wing foil equipment comprises of three parts

Wing Foil Board

The wing foil board, the wing or kite and the hydrofoil.

These come in many shapes and sizes depending on your skill level and experience.

Wing  foil boards are larger for beginners and get smaller the higher you level. A beginner board would typically have around 150 litres of volume.


The kite wing does not change much as you get better. Different sizes are available depending on the strength of wind you need it for. A good starting size would be a 5m2 wing. As you progress you can get smaller wings for stronger winds.

The Hydrofoil

The wing foil hydrofoils and developing and changing very quickly.

A wing foil is made up of several parts. The mast, the fuselage, the back wing or stab (short for stabiliser) and the front wing. Each piece makes a difference in performance and offers trade offs, normally going better means harder to control.

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The hydrofoil parts in detail

The mast

This varies mainly in length but also stiffness plays an important role. A shorter mast, of around 65cm, is good for learning on as its more stable. The longer mast, of around 85cm, gives advantages when going fast and over rougher seas.

The front hydrofoil wing

This is where the majority of the development is taking place. Shapes vary in width, depth, thickness, area and foil shape. A wide wing with less front to back depth of ‘chord’ is referred to has being higher profile. Not so wide with longer chords are called lower profile wings. Larger, lower profile wings are better to learn with giving greater stability, slower flight speeds but less glide and speed. Higher profile wings are more efficient giving better glide but less stability.

The fuselage.

This is the same as a fuselage on an aeroplane and connects the front wing, stab and mast. Length, weight and stiffness play roles here but on the whole they are pretty standard.

Rear wing or stab.

The bigger and thicker the rear wing the more stable things become but slower. As always there is a trade off. Smaller thinner stabs give greater speeds and better maneouverability but are less stable.

Hydrofoil equipment we have to offer

We have a full range of the very best wing foil equipment for sale here in Lanzarote and the Canary Islands.

The full range of top quality wing foil hydrofoils from the leading foil manufacturers of MFC, Ensis and Moses. We also offer hydrofoil boards plus the Wings from Ozone and Ensis.

These foil manufacturers are market leaders with the highest levels of production and after sales support.

Sabfoil hydrofoils, previously known as ‘Moses’, are perfect for wing foiling also great for surf hydrofoiling and kite surf hydrofoiling. We have the full range of Sabfoil foils offering their latest models. Sabfoil are well known for their high quality gloss finish. These foils are very stable and well made. The black high gloss finish and super strong full carbon fibre construction ensure their durability. Sabfoil offer high and lower profile foils at different sizes and profiles. The all new ‘W’ range is a great leap forward in design and performance. The thinner profile allows higher speeds and longer glide.

MFC hydrofoils

Ensis wing foil hydrofoils

Buying used wing foil equipment

Wing foil boards for sale

We have high quality carbon fibre wing foil boards at great prices available to Lanzarote and all the Canary Islands.

The boards can be made to your specification and experience level from as little as 900 euros brand new. Tried and tested designs ensure you the best possible ride and performance. Foam inner and vacuum moulded carbon fibre shell allow for the strongest, lightest and most maneuverable boards.

Design features include a bottom shape with light  double concave bottom and easy release bevelled tail section. Chimed bottom rails and tapered nose for low water catch and easy bounce back when bottoming into water.

The long fin box type of foil fitment are mounted in the bottom of the board. This allows for fine adjustment of the foil positioning for different conditions and foils.

A carry handle is also mounted on the bottom of the board for easy carrying of board to and into the sea.

The top of the board as soft deck patch to make it easier on the knees.

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Buy wing foil equipment

If you are looking to buy any equipment for wing foiling just contact us with details of what you need. Or email

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