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Places to Wing Foil in Lanzarote

The best place wing foil location in Lanzarote on any given day depends on several factors. Wind direction, wind strength,  tide height and your skill level.

Certain locations on Lanzarote depend on time of day as there is a thermic element to the wind, especially at certain times of year. Wind strength for a five meter sized wing needs to be from 12 knots to 18 knots. Smaller wings need stronger winds. Wind is also a factor that effects your hydrofoil. Higher profile smaller area hydrofoils need stronger winds. Larger and lower profile foils are better for lower wind conditions and  beginners.

Summers in Lanzarote brings reliably windy conditions with the North Easterly trade winds. The rest of the year still gets lots of days with enough wind for wing foilers but the location may  change more.

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wing foiling in famara

The best locations to wing foil

Famara beach

This can be used all year round. Better in Summer with more reliable winds and smaller waves. In Winter the waves are often too large. Long sandy beach with loads of access. The permitted zone is further down the beach past the bungalows. You will need to take the track that goes up the right side of the bungalows across the top and back down to the beach. Lots of parking along the track.  Lower tides are best as much of beach is covered at high tide.

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La Santa Lagoon

A great place to learn the sport. It works in most wind directions you just need enough wind strength. There is more water around higher tides but you can still go if you stick to the deeper areas. Park on the West side of the lagoon then carry your kit to the small beach. Water entry is easy over the sand, beware of the small underwater walls and the odd rock.

Costa Teguise

There are two main locations in Costa Teguise. Playa de los Charcos is great for two hours either side of high tide. There is a bay area inside to harbour piers. Good wind directions are North East to South East, North East winds being the best. Once you get outside the shelter of the bay you are out as sea with the bigger sea conditions. If you cannot get back into the bay you can head a little south and come be via Playa de las Cucharas. The second location is Playa de las Cucharas. This is a very popular wind surfer location. Enter the water via the beach next to the wall going into the sea. Winds in the bay can be a little variable but once out to sea they become stronger and more even. If you like to surf waves on your hydrofoil there is an outer reef where waves can be ridden most days.


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Playa Honda

This is a great spot with calmer water than Costa Teguise. Park in the beach car park near the airport and you are just a few meters from the beach. One lower wind days with  sun and wind from North East to East  there can often be a thermic wind around midday to 3pm. There is plenty of space and good conditions. A few hundred meters to North along the beach is a little underwater reef that can form some nice rolling waves.

Arrieta beach

A lesser used location. Long sandy beach. Better at lower tides due to large stones along high water mark in some places. Suitable wind direction would be North East to East.

Advanced riders

Spots with great potential but less forgiving for access are Jameos del Agua, Punta Mujeres and many other locations along the North East Coast. Rocky coastline and underwater rocks need to be understood but potential for some good surfing waves is there.

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best places to wing foil

Here are a few.... but there are many more

la santa

Costa teguise


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