wing foiling equipment explained

Wing Foiling Equipment to get started

Here is a brief summary of all the equipment you will need to be able to wing foil.

wing foiler entering water
foiler going down wind

The board – This is the part you stand on rather like a large surfboard or small stand up paddle board. Your foil board needs to have enough volume to allow you to get going. For beginners the rule of thumb is your kilogram body weight plus twenty and convert that to litres. So if you weigh eighty kilos you will need a hundred litre board.

The hydrofoil – Very much an underwater wing, just like an aeroplane it has a larger front wing, fuselage and tailplane. The aerodynamics work exactly in water as aeroplane wings work in air. Hydrofoils are measured in several ways, by area, aspect ratio, thickness and profile. To get started the lower ratio, larger and thicker foils are much easier. You will get up on the foil at slower speeds, be more stable and turn more easily.

The Wing – The is  a cross between a hand held wind surf sail and an inflatable kite surf kite. The wings are similar in construction to kite surf kites but hand held. Main differences are area, quality and profile. To start a good size for winds in the 12 to 18 knot range is the five square meter size. For stronger winds you will need a smaller wing and lower winds a larger one.

Ancillary products needed are a pump for the kite as its struts are filled with air. Then a leash for the wing and a leash for the board. You will also need a few sizes of Alan keys to assemble the hydrofoil.

two foilers playa honda
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