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The ever breezy island of Lanzarote is an awesome wing foiling destination. Reliable year round wind and ample beaches supply great locations to learn and practice this amazing sport. Once you learn to get up on the hydrofoil Lanzarote has some perfect waves that the new and experienced wing foiler can catch and surf.

When you see the sport in action its easy to understand why many people rate it as currently the fastest growing water and sea based sport.

The Sport

Wing foiling takes full advantage of super efficient modern hydrofoils and additionally harnesses the free and silent power of the wind. Easy to get started and then with lots of room for new additional skills the rewards will continue for years to come. The sensation is often likened to low level flying. Holding the wing to gain enough speed to lift out of the water and on to the hydrofoil is an amazing sensation. The very low drag a hydrofoil gives allows for gliding a few feet above the water blown along be even very light wind. The smallest of waves or even rolling swell can be harnessed by the hydrofoil and surfed engaging the sport into another exciting direction.

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Wing Foil Lessons in Lanzarote

The very best way to get start Wing Foiling is to book some lessons with one of our experienced instructors. There are a few key elements to being able to do this sport, with an instructor you can save you self many hours of frustration and even injury. You will be supplied with all the wing foil equipment, the best location and meeting time  plus an instructor.

Wing foil lessons in Lanzarote

Wing Foiling on Lanzarote

On Lanzarote wing foiling can be practiced on west coast beaches like Famara right across the island to many east coast beaches like Los Charcos in Costa Teguise all the way down to the southern coast and Playa Blanca. There are numerous other beaches and off coast locations on the island for you to wing foil as well.

The wind in Lanzarote often comes from the North Easterly trade winds predominant and reliable in Summer plus local thermic winds created by the warm sun over the land all year round.

What do you need to get started in this exciting sport?

To start the best thing would be to get some Wing Foil lessons from an experienced instructor. The lessons will allow you to hire the wing foiling equipment along with expert advice and decide if this is something you would like to get into. A few hours of instruction will save many days of learning, avoid injury and get an understanding of the theory behind the sport.


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Using this website you will be able to arrange wing foil lessons. Once you decided you want to continue with the sport you will need to buy the equipment. You will need to buy a wing foil board, hydro foil and wing foil wing plus accessories. We sell wing some of the best quality foil equipment to all the Canary Islands including the brands of Ozone, Up foil, plus the Hydromind wing foil boards.

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How to get started

wing foiling lesson in lanzarote

Make the decision to learn

Spend some time watcing others do the sport and see if you want to learn

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Get in touch

Contact us and book you lessons. We will advise you on best conditions and location.

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Start your lessons

Your instructor will meet you with all the equipment to start your lessons

Wing foiling at different locations

Here is a selection of images of the best wing foiling locations on Lanzarote

wing foiling lesson in lanzarote
wing foiing playa honda
two foilers playa honda
wing foilers on playa honda beach
famara beach
el charco wing foiler
two foilers playa honda

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