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Wing Foil Lanzarote

Best place to Wing Foil in Lanzarote

Lanzarote has many location for Wing Foiling. Depending on your skill level, wind direction, tide and the type of conditions you want will dictate location.

The main foiler locations on the island in order of difficulty are:-

• La Santa Lagoon, La Santa
Playa Honda
Los Charcos beach
Las Cucharas beach
Arrieta beach
Jameos del Agua
• Punta Mujeres
• Playa Blanca

Plus other locations depending on tide, wind direction and wave size.

If you are a beginner to the sport it is recommended to go to the La Santa Lagoon and Playa Honda.

Places to Wing Foil in Lanzarote

Beginner Locations

The La Santa Lagoon

A tidal lagoon created by Club La Santa that is open to public use. The lagoon is very safe for beginners as its closed off to the sea. There are small beaches all around it.

Ocean swell does not enter the lagoon making it flatter than the sea. The level water makes it easier to maintain balance on the wing foil board.

Wind on this side of the island can be a little fickle. Its a great location to get a feel for the wing and using it to control the direction of board movement.

The Lagoon is better for foiling at higher tides as certain parts can get a little shallow

Park on the other side to Club La Santa at the wider part of the lagoon. Set up on the small beach.

Ideal location to practice the very basics to actual foiling and making turns.

Downsides are that the lagoon is not very wide so you have to turn a lot. The wind can be fickle and light.

Playa Honda

Playa Honda Beach is a sea front area right in front of the Lanzarote airport known as Guacimeta. There is a large car park and promenade, parking is just a few meters from the sea.

Preferred wind directions are North East to South East.

A great location to start adapting your Wing Foiling skills to the sea. Allowing the budding foiler to go in one direction for much longer than the La Santa Lagoon allows.

The East coast receives much smaller waves so the water is flatter than at many beaches in Lanzarote.

Newcomers to Wing Foiling can end up drifting down wind. At Playa Honda you can walk along the beach up wind and enter the sea. If you drift down wind you can just leave the sea and walk back.

Aerial view of Los Charcos Beach, Costa Teguise

Places to Wing Foil in Lanzarote

Intermediate Locations

Los Charcos, Costa Teguise.

Los Charcos is a lovely beach to the Northern end of Costa Teguise and another great Lanzarote Wing Foiling spot.

Best wind direction is North East.

The beach is a large tidal lagoon open to the sea between two sea walls. There is only enough water to come and go from the lagoon for about two hours either side of high tide. As the tide goes out the foil can hit on the rocks.

In the mouth of the bay between the two sea walls waves often form. These are great for foil surfing.

Once outside the bay you are in open ocean with a southerly current. If you cannot get back in there is Las Cucharas bay just to the south where you can get back to shore.

Las Cucharas, Costa Teguise.

Las Cucharas is a very popular wind surfing location on Lanzarote. You can Wing Foil here at all tides. Starting in a slightly sheltered bay you often need to get a little way out until the main winds effect you.

Best winds are Norther Easterly’s.

Carry on out to sea to the outer reef where surf waves break.

Parking is about two hundred meters inland. Walk your equipment to the beach and set up there. Enter and leave the water to the right of the sea wall.

Famara Beach

Famara Beach needs a NNW to NNE wind

When there waves entry to the sea is best from the harbour in the town.

There are often waves to enjoy and get some nice long rides.

Winds can get a little fickle.

A great location for the experienced wing foiler.

Arrieta Beach

Arrieta beach is not often used for Wing Foiling.

Parking is just next to the beach.

Its a part sand and part cobbled beach. Best winds are NNE to ENE

There can be some small waves but mainly just a place for ocean foiling.

Wing foil surfing a wave at Los Charcos Beach, Costa Teguise

Places to Wing Foil in Lanzarote

Advanced level Wing Foiler Locations

Jameos del Agua

A truly beautiful place to wing foil in Lanzarote.

Entry and exit from water is tricky and over rocks.

Larger waves and strong ocean current.

Long running waves for expert Wing foilers.

Tricky spot to exit water if you encounter problems.

Very rewarding if all goes well.

Punta Mujeres

Enter and exit water via small concrete ramp into slightly sheltered bay or harbor further south.

Possible to tack up wind to Jameos del Agua and enjoy the point break style waves there or surf some of the other spots in between, beware of powerful waves.

Picturesque spot not very forgiving of mistakes.


Playa Blanca

Often windy here when other places have no wind.

Winds can be offshore so be very careful and have strong paddling abilities for possible equipment failure.

Deep ocean swell can run through here making nice down winds possible.

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