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Wing Foiling in Lanzarote

Wing foiling equipment needed to get started

Equipment necessary for the beginner Wing Foiler:-

The wing foil board. This needs to be at least 20 litres in volume more than your weight in kilos. So if you are 80 kilos you need a board of 100 litres.

The hydro foil. This is a complex subject with many options on the market. Best advice is to get a large thick foil that is stable and slow.

The wing or kite. Main variable is the size. Most people start with a 5 square meter wing. This may vary depending on the strength of the wind you will be foiling in.

Wing Foil Board

When starting the sport its important to chose a board with the correct volume. The rule of thumb is your body weight in kilos plus twenty and convert that to litres. So if you weigh eighty kilos you will need a hundred litre board.

Under the board towards the back will be two channels. This is how you attach the hydrofoil to the board. Four captive nuts are located in these channels, two in each one. The foil is then placed over these captive nuts and screws used to attach.

At first place the foil centred in the channels. If you are having difficulty getting up on the foil when sailing move the hydro foil forward in these slots. If its coming up too quickly and stalling move it back.

You connect yourself to the board using a surf board leash, then if you fall the board will not get too far away or be lost.

The Hydrofoil

The Hydrofoil moves through water like an aeroplane moves through the air.

Different wing profiles give the hydro foil different characteristics.

To start we recommend a narrow thicker front hydrofoil profile. This will give greater stability and low speed control.

The Wing or Kite

The transfer wing power in forward movement a Wing or Kite is used.

Similar to a kite surf wing its inflatable. You hold on to it using the handles and angle it across the wind.

To get up on the foil you will need to use more force, once up and foiling much less force is needed.

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