learning to wing foil in lanzarote
wing foil lessons in lanzarote

Wing Foil Lessons in Lanzarote

Learn to Wing Foil:-

Learning to wing foil on Lanzarote is a very achievable goal with some lessons from experts.

During the summer months the wind is dependable and there are lots of locations for lessons. In winter there are windy periods and thermic winds.

We offer wing foil classes for all levels of rider everyday that conditions suit.

Lessons a organised in a step by step manner. First an overview of all equipment and assembly. Then sequential steps forward to the final goals.

Once out on the water controlling the wing or kite comes next. How to move, maneuver and turn around. Water recovery and safety aspects.

When you have control over the kite you can learn to put all the pieces together and get up on the hydrofoil flying over the water.

The Wing foil lessons are designed to be fun, challenging and rewarding.

Our very experienced instructors will quickly pin point and resolve any issues and keep you on track to being able to go Wing Foiling on your own.

We offer a full advice service on locations, equipment and advanced techniques.

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Wing Foil Lessons in Lanzarote

Stages of learning to Wing Foil

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To book your Wing Foil lessons just email us at lanzarotecontact@gmail.com

A wing foil course costs 100 euros per day.

This includes all equipment and your instruction.

Once you contact us we will check the weather forecasts and let you know the next suitable day for your lessons to start.

We will arrange a meeting place and time.

From there you will receive all the instruction starting with an introduction and overview to the sport.

Our instructors are very experienced and capable.

Our aim will be to teach you how to wing foil as quickly and safely as possible.

Help you to understand how to tell if the ocean and wind conditions are suitable.

Familiarize you with the equipment and what would be the best for you to buy for your own personal use.

Board and Wing Control

The foil board

Will be stable and have enough volume for you to stay above the water even when it is stationary

There will be a deck patch for grip, a leash attachment and foil attachment underneath.

First you will learn how to set up the equipment.  How to stand up, steer using the kite and wind. Turn around and return to where you started.

The kite of wing

This is  a cross between a hand held wind surf sail and an inflatable kite surf kite. The wings are similar in construction to kite surf kites but hand held. Main differences are area  and profile. To get started a good size for winds in the 12 to 18 knot range is the five square meter size. For stronger winds you will need a smaller wing, in lower winds a larger one.

The wings are inflatable to around 8psi. Take care there are no twists in the inner tube as you inflate as this can cause punctures. Once inflated there is a safety leash you attach to your wrist. The prevents the kite from blowing away when you fall.

There is a wide selection of kites on the market. Lighter, more powerful, better quality, higher priced.

Ancillary products 

Pump for the kite as its struts are filled with air to give its rigid structure.
Leash for the wing and a leash for the board.
You will also need a few sizes of Alan or Torx keys to assemble the hydrofoil.

Up and Foiling

Once familiar with all the Wing Foil equipment you are ready to meet at a Lanzarote location and move a step closer to wing foiling.

You will stand on the board with the foil attached. Using the wing or kite to give you speed. Once you have enough speed the board will lift out of the water. The drag will become much less so you can keep going even if the wind drops.

Think of a hydrofoil as an underwater aeroplane.  There is a larger front wing, fuselage and tail plane connected to the board via the mast.

The aerodynamics work exactly in water as an aeroplane wing works in the air. You need speed to take off. Do not take off at too steep an angle otherwise you will stall.

Hydrofoils are measured in several ways, by area, aspect ratio, thickness and profile.

To get started the lower ratio, larger and thicker foils are much easier. You will get up on the foil at slower speeds, be more stable and turn more easily.

As you progress you will move onto more efficient higher profile and thinner wings.

These are more efficient, less stable and sensitive to water currents but are faster, glide further and pull less on the arms.

Our instructors will always be available to advice and assist with any Wing Foiling related questions you may have.

Lanzarote Wing Foil Courses

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Wing Foil Lessons costs and details.

All included – Guide, instruction, wetsuit, board, foil, wing etc

Two hour lessons start at 100 euros

Want to learn fast?
Book an intensive course again for just 100 euros per day
lesson duration two hours.