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    Learning to Wing Foil in Lanzarote

    The very best way to get start Wing Foiling would be to book some lessons with one of our experienced instructors.


    What do you need to get started in this exciting sport?

    To start the best thing would be to get some Wing Foil lessons from an experienced instructor. The lessons will allow you to hire the equipment along with expert advice and decide if this is something you would like to get into. A few hours of instruction will save many days of learning, avoid injury and get an understanding of the theory behind the sport.




    Key Elements for learning Wing Foiling

    Wing Foil Equipment

    We supply the wing, board and hydrofoil

    Best Location

    Advise on best location on the day


    Save hours via expert instruction

    There are a few key elements to being able to do this sport, with an instructor you can save you self many hours of frustration and even injury.

    You will be supplied with all the wing foil equipment, the best location and meeting time  plus an instructor.

    Wing Foil Lessons cost 100 euros per day

    Basic skills to learn-

    Understanding the equipment, assembly and mounting of foil,
    rigging wing, leashes.

    Awareness of conditions, wind direction and strength.
    Water state. Identifying any dangers.

    How  to carry kit to waters edge

    Entering water

    Getting on the foil board

    Wing position and air flow

    Adjusting board direction

    How to fall and recover

    Achieving standing position on board

    Holding wing

    Using wing to set board in motion and adjust direction.

    Getting up on the foil

    Maintaining level flight on foil


    Advanced skills –

    Going up wind


    Foot switch

    Catching waves / surfing


    Predicting conditions

    Where to go on given conditions

    Chosing and buying your own board, wing, hydrofoil

    advanced wing foiling lanzarote
    Advanced wing foiler surfing

    Arranging your wing foil lessons

    Contact us via email and let us know what sort of lessons you need for your level.

    Tell us what sports you already do. Associated sports that will speed up your learning of wing foiling are windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, and any hydrofoil related sports. A reasonable level of fitness will also help along with swimming and any sea sport. It will be ok if you have limited experience in any related sport as the key is technique and not strength.

    Once in contact we will take your details and organise a time and day for your lessons. The sport is weather dependant as you will need some wind so once we consult the weather forecast we will be in touch with a day, time and place to meet up and have your first lesson.

    Prices for wing foiling lessons are:

    We supply all the equipment including board, wing, foil, wetsuits and leashes

    plus your instructor

    Cost is 100 euros per day, courses last three hours

    Lessons cost 100 euros per day

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